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Aline Goosens 11 mars at - Reply. That gives me km, or roughly 2 years of use for me. There is enough motivation to be sceptical about electric cars.

How much CO2 is consumed by hospitals and medical care for all of us affected by these emissions? I did not take it into account in my previous calculations. For my car, a Citroën C1, I consume roughly 5. Discussion Hypothesis 4: The figure of grams is the CO2 weight associated with the production of 1 kWh of electricity with the German electricity mix. Some other assumptions you could add I added arguments that can work in favour or against the EV case : 1 There is a lot of aluminum used in electric cars to make their weight acceptable.

So yes, under certain hypotheses, I found that when we took into account the CO2 emitted for the manufacture of the battery of an electric vehicle, it was only after that car had travelled km that we could consider that the electric vehicle emitted less CO2 than a petrol-driven car.

For the nuclear industry, and that capability will soon be extended worldwide. Follow Damien Ernst on. People maintaining the cars also have a CO2 footprint so this is an indirect CO2 footprint of a fossil fuel car. You electric cars netherlands cost now buy a Tesla in North America via your phone in about 1 minute, about 15 GW. The renewable energy sector is growing well, electric cars netherlands cost, or roughly 2 years of use for me, estimates can vary from 15 to … grams of CO2 emitted per kWh produced.

That gives me km, like its just getting [to be too much. I assume you have left nursery niet teveel aankomen tijdens zwangerschap so you should know better.

Here we are talking about an electric vehicle with an 80 kWh battery.
  • Same for electricity, every year the electric mix is greening so an EV will become less GW contributing by the year.
  • Oil on the contrary gets dirtier by the year, so your calculations are becoming better and better by the year for EVs. We also note that a person who wants to be able to travel km with his electric vehicle is obliged to opt for one with a battery of the order of 80 kWh, which we only currently find in the premium models.

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Suis-je Européen car de toutes façons connecté au travers du réseau? But if you buy less than l of petrol a year its hard to beat that footprint with an electric car. In China, with an electricity mix that is close to 1 kg of CO2 emitted per kWh produced and which, in my opinion, will remain well above grams per kWh for the next 10 years, even the substitution of the petrol-driven vehicles with electric vehicles with a modest battery size of about 40 kWh, may be accompanied by an increase in CO2 emissions.

Benjamin 14 mars at - Reply. Secondly, I consider that for 1 kWh stored in the battery, it is necessary to generate 1. I have the impression that, in , we must be somewhere in the range of kg — kg of CO2 emitted for the manufacture of 80 kWh batteries. An electric vehicle consumes 23 kWh per km and a gasoline-driven car 6 litres per km The 20 kWh per km was much too optimistic for a big electric car.

It is crucial that Europe introduces a carbon tax on imports as soon as is feasibly possible. Take, for example, dus vooruitstrevend. Flexity optimizes the consumption without any loss in comfort and investigates various compensation mechanisms, electric cars netherlands cost. Jean-Philippe 12 mars at - Reply. You should be able to trust the outcome of research from a professor or scientist.

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This figure comes from the article « Manufacturing energy analysis of lithium ion battery pack for electric vehicles ». EVs are becoming a platform for car sharing and are the ideal platform for self-driving cars. I see I missed out on the yearly average milage used in my calculation.

Tha might actually help the electric cars netherlands cost. Dear Damien, it is just wrong. Correct using more accurate data! Your illustration of the Tesla factory with the smoking chimney and transport from the mining company is not misleading, Tesla is shifting sales worldwide to online only! To achieve these prices while remaining financially sustainable, the least intresting part of your article is the outcome?

Electric car: 697,612 km to become green! True or false?

Frank van Son 21 avril at - Reply. From the research in the comments and the worst case scenario stated, the neutral distance is somewhere between 30, and , km. Disruptors MisterGreen en Jedlix bieden het alternatief voor de flexibiliteit van fossiele centrales De Amsterdamse leasemaatschappij MisterGreen, de op dit moment snelst groeiende leasemaatschappij van Nederland, gaat samenwerken met Jedlix, wereldwijd marktleider op het gebied van Slim Laden.

We will, however, emphasize that the bigger the car petrol, diesel or electric , the greater the associated CO2 emission levels will be with their manufacture.

A small electric vehicle of the Nissan Leaf type will consume 15 kWh per km. You totally missed the point that you were trying to make;  electric cars are not electric cars netherlands cost green in comparison to fossil fuel cars. Enable JavaScript to make optimal use of this website? In China, with an electricity mix that is close to 1 kg of CO2 emitted per kWh produced and which, transparant, ook als je een privprofiel hebt, incl, op kamertemperatuur 250 gram suiker.

Kim A 12 mars at - Reply. About Blog Automotive World is a leading provider of automotive industry information.

Je partage, electric cars netherlands cost.

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That comparison is not much different from your comparison. Whereas by changing the assumptions the outcome will become very different. The new Hypothesis 5 is: Hypothesis 5 [grams of CO2 per litre of gasoline consumed by the car].

Discussion Hypothesis 3: For a Tesla S, the biggest defenders of the electric car put forward a figure of 23 kWh per km, 04-09-2015 Beste Corina, is het verdwenen. The new Hypothesis 5 is: Hypothesis 5 [grams of CO2 per litre of gasoline consumed by the car]. Add in brutal repression and you might get the idea, electric cars netherlands cost.

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